Top Picks Tuesday

Hey there everyone! Today I will be sharing my Top Picks. They range from fashion to accessories to home decor to food! I love scouring the internet to find new ideas and inspiration…let’s face it, people are amazing with all of their talents!

Here you go!

How cute are these towels?

Animal Kitchen Towels, Forest Animal Tea Towel Bundle, Woodland Dishcloths, Gift For Animal Lovers, Animal Gift For Her, Home Essentials

You can find these whimsical tea towels on Etsy.  The Designer is so playful and creative. She inspires me to tap into my playful side for sure… (and she loves dogs, like me, so we are somehow connected and she doesn’t even know it!)

Give me all the pillows!

If you know me at all, you know I stinkin’ LOVE pillows. My husband? Not so much. He says, “Every day, we have to take the pillows off and put them back on {the bed}.”

Well, honey, that’s not changing!!  I mean, tassels AND texture AND black,  white and blue? It’s like it was made for me! You can find this beauty at Target.

I’m a pouf loving fool!

This one had me going ooh and awww out loud. My kids were like “Mom, what’s so cool?” only to find out I am (like always) scoping out all things home. Not only does it look like it is from a Global Marketplace, but it’s my favorite camel color. What a fabulous addition to a living space or reading corner.

Leather Moroccan Pouf, Tan

This one can be found at one of my top sites, West Elm.

Dress Season? Sign me up!!

Me and long dresses, we go waaay back. Black long dresses? We are besties.  Let’s face it, they are easy. Easy to wear, easy to accessorize and frankly easy to always look fabulous in. I grab a necklace, earrings, my favorite wedges or flats and a way I go.  This dress would make the perfect addition to my wardrobe…and yours too!

Product image

Find this one (on sale!) at Express

You need this item in your life!

Considering I grew up in the 80’s, I know a thing or two about jean jackets. Of course, the one I had in the 90’s was about 3 times too big for me because that was a thing. Now, I go for the more fitted, refined look. These things are back in style and they are here to stay as far as I am concerned. By the way, throw this over that dress from Express and Voila! Fashion Queen status. (or something like that).Image result for distressed denim jacket

So many cute ones to buy, this one can be found at Maurices

Don’t forget about the ART!

Often times in the design world, Art and color are thought of last. But, this artist is first in my books. Not only can I call her a friend, but I completely am in awe of her talents.

Did you know that pineapples in decor world mean “Welcome”?  So, unless you are the Grinch, you should incorporate this beauty into your home.

Check out her Etsy Page here.


So, if you like peanut butter, pretty sure these are like the Cadillac of pretzels. I mean,  a pretzel with peanut butter inside? Pretty sure these are borderline illegal. But if these are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Image result for peanut butter filled pretzels

These can be found a lot of places! Check out your nearest Walmart or Costco.

That’s a wrap for today’s TOP PICKS! Can’t wait to show you what I have already found for next Week’s post.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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