Holiday Hangover


Two words. Holiday Hangover. I am not talking about the copious amount of wine I may or may not have drunk, but rather, ALL of the other stuff. The stress of shopping for gifts, styling homes, finding the most perfect appetizer to share, the best Christmas outfit (that stretches), saying no to cheese and trying to work while my kids are turning into video game zombies. It’s alot, you guys! I am so excited that Christmas (aka a month of craziness)  is OVER. Yes, Bah Humbug. I want normal, I want clutter free and I want my waist back. But, hey, I loved family time and lobster for lunch and all the special moments. But, listen!  This is the perfect time of year to simply decide what needs to go and what stays. I personally walk around with a garbage bag and grab all the things that don’t serve me. They are not beautiful, I am not in love with them, or simply enough…I don’t have room for them. Is your fake tree falling apart? What about your wreath, junky looking?? And how many holiday themed dishes or decor items do you really need? The adrenaline always pours into other rooms or crevices like my drawers or closets. Ah, purging. It’s wonderful.  I am extremely simple in my home and have helped plenty of clients simplify as well. Here is a helpful post on simplifying holiday decor that can help you keep your resolve for simplicity.

Switch your Storage: No Oprah-profound-tips here folks. I love plastic bins with labels. Clear ones are great, but the dark ones? Magical. You put in the junk and say #byefelicia, until next year. I like them all next to each other,  sitting patiently and perfectly with their labels and out of my life until THANKSGIVING…in my storage room or garage.  (The clear ones remind me of my clear plastic purse phase (the nineties)  where you had to make sure that you had all of the cool stuff in it because…well, everyone could see it…and I don’t want to see it!!)

Need to store in a visible place? I LOVE pretty boxes and bins and baskets. There is nothing like a beautiful vessel. Well, maybe a beautiful vessel that hides junk.

Ornaments are great, but man… CLUTTER! I like those segmented ornament holders, perfection.

Garland? I so nicely shove it in a bin. Labeled. (see a theme here?)



Simplify Gifts: In my attempt to be green and cost-effective, I decided to use kraft paper or paper bags as wrapping paper.  I can use it year round, its very multi-purpose and you can make it fancy with other re-usable things.

Check out this blog post about wrapping with kraft paper: 

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper


Set the Scene for Next Year: If you are hoping to simplify the holidays of the future, this is the perfect time to make a plan. Perhaps that means to contact relatives and suggest name drawing for next year. We adults said, “Hey, I like you but let’s not exchange gift cards or socks this year, okay?” Nuf said. Or maybe it just means setting your budget ahead of time and planning to downgrade the costs. You might even consider putting a family trip on the books for next December rather than choosing to host dozens of relatives in your home. (I LOVE this idea, this year I will be saying Feliz Navidad to all of my amigas and drinking an umbrella drink) Whatever you decide to do, planning in January will take some of the stress off for next year and guarantees a more enjoyable holiday season! Because, to each their own.

Image result for what to do with holiday card ideas after christmas

What to do with all the Holiday cards? I have seen some epic ideas. Some make lookbooks with a big ring and a hole puncher. (this can get stored in your dark container :)) Some like to take one at a time for the days following the Holidays and pray specifically for that family then kindly recycle. (Let’s face it, our beautiful photos DO end up as future copier paper) I like to hang my cards on a string of lights with clothespins during the Holidays then make a stack and save them until I clean out that cabinet. I know, not very exciting, but being truthful.

Finally, ENJOY the NEW YEAR. I am always looking for ways to simplify. Got any other great tips?


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  1. Tina on January 3, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    I use Christmas cards as tags for gifts the next year. Also I take pictures of the Christmas pictures to use as their profile picture on my phone.