Top 10 Pendant Lights

Today we are going to share with you some of our favorite pendant lights–our top 10 to be exact. If you are wondering what type of light this is, they are descried as a lone fixture suspended from the ceiling. What we are bringing to you today is all hardwired fixtures, but there are many options availabe as plug-in lights. Our focus is smaller, single bulb fixtures that we like to incorprate above a kitchen island, bathroom vanity, nights stand and so on. As our conversation continues on “New Year refreshing” of your home, swapping out light fixtures (in my book) can be included in the minimally invasive category. Now, enough with all the specifics and on with some beautiful lighting inspiration of all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles! Enjoy!


Terra Pendant

Rene Concrete








We hope you enjoyed this story of lights and we would love to know your favorite, so please leave us a comment below! Check back with us again as we share more inspirations and transformations!

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