Top Picks Tuesday!

Welcome to week 4 of My Top Picks Tuesday.  Considering I spent 10 hours on my computer today and I want to rip my hair out, I still came out with some goodies in the pockets of sanity.

Shred that meat baby!


I am a huge fan of my crock pot, instant pot, grill, and smoker. Least favorite part of cooking meats? shredding them up. See this simple little gadget?  It is called the Fusion Shred Machine/Meat Shredder. It is in my shopping cart on Amazon. So, the theory is you place your hunk-o-meat over the stalagmite looking base, cover with the lid, shimmy shake side to side with the handles and voila! You’re now ready for a Cuban (well, if you have aioli and pickles).

Cutting boards are cool.

I have a new found love for using cutting boards as decor. You know, when things that are functional can be part of your aesthetic, you are #winning.

I found this cute DIY blog post where this adorable craft lover named Lucy shares how to make “antique” cutting boards. Check them out!

How to make an "antique" cutting board. Carve unique shapes into old wood for a charming cutting board with a vintage look.


 And the Pillow of the week goes to….

Isn’t she lovely?? The fringe and the neutral tone is on point. This would be so fun with a family of pillows on a bed so our husbands can get even more frustrated with our love for pillows.

Find this gem here.


Knotted Fringe Pillow

Well, isn’t that cute?!

You guys, this toilet paper holder is the cutest! I love giraffes too, so win-win. There are other animals like a dog, alligator, and mouse. These are the perfect gift idea because, well, everyone poops!

Giraffe Paper Holder

Shop here.

 Welcome to Basket Hoardersville.

Seriously, give me all the baskets! I LOVE them! They hold crap and look cute.  They can be empty and look cute. They can be all up in each other and be cute.

They are the perfect decoration.

These? The textures and colors are so beautiful and the trio together is like one big happy family.

Jambi Baskets, Set of Three

Find them here.

Close your eyes.

Lastly, I have to share a resource that I adore.  I came across this app as a result of a suggestion from a friend on Facebook.  I try to have some serious come to Jesus moments in the morning to set my intentions for the day, and this helps set my head straight too. It is called HEADSPACE. They have a 10-day free trial too! He has an Australian accent which I won’t complain about either. Don’t be intimidated, it works you up to a certain amount of time, allowing you to be in control.


I can’t agree more with these results!

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoy your week!




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