Top Picks Tuesday!

Eek! I missed a week, I hope you forgive me. This week I am featuring my favorite go to inspirations. There are so many things we can turn to for inspiration. AND, let’s face it, there is a ton of inspiration all around us just waiting to be used.

When I work with my clients, I love getting to know them so I can get inspired by their lives, their passions and what makes them tick. It is crucial when it is my responsibility to capture what they want their home to feel like, look like and how it will be used.

It is incredibly rewarding!

So, here are some of my go to sites, designers and places to stimulate my creative juices.


Gah! This design studio has my heart and full attention. I check them out regularly and am always so energized by their refined taste, clean lines, ability to meld and mesh styles together or stay true to one particular style. Talent at it’s finest.

Here is their site.

Long table with modern metal light fixture




I may have a problem actually. I peruse our stores weekly for several reasons.

  1.  We have fantastic antique stores where I live.
  2.  I always find things that influence my designs.
  3.  Melding new and old is a passion of mine.
  4.  Supporting local is my favorite.
  5.  A rainy day, coffee in hand and my favorite store? PURE BLISS.

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I use to get so annoyed when people were smitten obsessed with celebrities. But, now I am totally on board with my fondness for Joanna and Chip Gaines. Not only are they Christians, but they are talented, down to earth, humble and oh so funny.

I purchased their subscription for their journal and get sad when I have exhausted all of the material in it! I have used so many of their designs as inspirations and their articles as encouragement.  It’s a win-win.

Want to order? Go here.

Image result for magnolia journal

Love them!!! (and yes, I may scream if I ever meet them. I do get to go check out their market and silos in October and I am beyond thrilled!!)



We all have one that beckons us from time to time. A solace is so necessary to clear our heads, regain our stillness, connect with ourselves and secure us in the “now”.  I also know that I have stellar ideas and thoughts when I am not distracted.

When I was a little girl, I use to go for a walk down our dirt country road to a little ravine hiding in some trees. I would sit there, eat my crackers and write poems. It was magical! Tapping into that inner child is something I strive for when I am stilling my self.

I encourage you all to do it too! It is so good for the soul!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

(Reflect-Move-Forgive-Smile-Be Grateful-Explore-Listen-Love-Give)


Now, I LOVE to travel. I would love to explore even more than what I already do, but that will come with time. I have learned you don’t need to go far to see different cultures, try different foods, see outstanding architecture and breathtaking natural surroundings. In fact, Minnesota is incredible!

With that said, I continuously get a renewed creative base from adventuring into different restaurants, hotels, venues, and cities.

Get out there and keep your eyes and heart open! We live in an amazing world that is always offering to us a healthy dose of perspective and imagination.

And, as always, I do it in my holy jeans holding a coffee.

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Happy Tuesday ya’ll!














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