[ ‘HOO_GA' ]

In the Design world, from scratch is my favorite. (Just like baking!)  I have the privilege and honor to do what I love the most and create custom spaces and transform spaces from mediocre at best to what I think is its calling, its potential, its destiny.  I love the challenge of it and coming up with the “recipe” for success.

I recently had the coolest clients that wanted me to be a part of making their house a home. They wanted it to reflect who they are…but had no idea where to start or even what style they like. (My favorite!!  Helping clients figure this out is what I live for!) I got to spend some time with them and check out some of their favorite pieces, ask them about their lives, where they have been, where they are going… you know, their story. (We all have one!)

After connecting and discussing the project, I knew with 100% certainty that they would love a style with a mixture of modern and Scandinavian design, (fusions=my favorite!). As we moved forward, that is the direction we flowed.

One day, one of the clients had a tag from an article of clothing that had a very cool inscription.  We immediately arranged a custom sign commission with that very saying. It reads as follows:


[ ‘HOO_GA’ ]

A deep sense of place and well-being. A feeling of friendship, warmth, contentment and peace with your immediate surroundings.

How perfect is that?  Where has this word been my whole life?!  It’s perfect. And It’s uniquely a Danish word! The word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.”  It is associated with relaxation, indulgence, and gratitude, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, friends and family.

Well, if that doesn’t give you warm fuzzies, I don’t know what will!

That, my friends, is part of the recipe that I was referring to earlier. That is the ultimate goal of creating a space for my clients.  I truly, deep down believe that everyone deserves to love their home. What could be better than coming home to refuge that hugs you?

Ever since the word HYGGE came into my life, I have used it as my driving force.  I try to achieve this by always incorporating these key components into homes or spaces (including, but not limited to): Texture, light, color, pattern, lines, wow factor, and personal touches.

Texture: This is one of my personal favorites. From pillows to furniture to wall surfaces…this is my jam. Adding texture brings interest and dimension, layers and comfort. It accentuates and defines. It illuminates and creates. There is a massive amount of options that can be added to a home and make it come to life.

Sara Godfrey (34)

Light:   Light is one of the most obvious elements of interior design. Either natural light from windows or a man-made fixture, without light other features (color, texture, and pattern have no significance at all). Light sets the mood and creates ambiance…both critical to a home!

Sara Godfrey (27)


Color: We all need a little color in our lives. I prefer to use it with objects or features that are easy to change out and move around or use it as a statement piece. The psychology of color is extremely interesting to me. We as humans are affected by color in ways we don’t even realize!  Colors can soothe, make us hungry, make us anxious and so on…what colors you choose and where you put them is so important!

Pattern: Patterns add interest and life to interior design and work along with colors, light and lines.  They tell a story of their own and combine the elements of continuity and smooth transition in a living space. I love the surprise of varying patterns working together.


Lines: Lines are responsible for establishing a sense of harmony, contrast and unity. They define shapes and act as guides of interior space.   While horizontal lines add a safe and secure feeling to the area, vertical lines emote a freeness.  I love how they accentuate a tall ceiling or give notice to an expansive space. Dynamic or angular lines, which are the action and drama lines, can be seen in structures like stairs,  in art and architectural pieces. They create a wow factor and cause intrigue! Lines are significant.

Wow-factor:  Everyone loves an excellent conversation piece. This attribute is the part that I can be playful with! I can be Avant Garde, bright, surprising and exciting. The unexpected if you will.  (like the Pub height custom designed and built dining table shown below from BORD )


Personal touches: Our homes are a reflection of us, who we are and what we are about. They are a canvas that can tell our guests of our story and remind us of what we are about and who we are so grateful for. Personal touches can be an heirloom, a gallery wall of special photos, a montage of memories, a tribute to a special someone, a creative way to incorporate an architectural piece that has great significant value. I could go on and on. Cue those warm fuzzies, comfort, and the peace…the HYGGE.

Sara Godfrey

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Hey! I'm Sara. I LOVE everything design and people. When I am not designing a residential or commercial space, I am spending time with my favorite people (my family), shopping with a coffee in hand or snuggling with my Maltipoo, Harley, with a glass of Pinot.