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This Sunday I’d like to talk about how to create and style an entryway! No space is too small to create a welcoming and functional entry into your home and I find it a necessity to have a little organization at the point of entry, not only for your guests but for your own well being. I believe that when you come home to a little bit of organization its sets the tone for a peaceful atmosphere. Following our tips will give you an easy and simple refresh and can fit ALL budgets!

The first item for an entry space for me is a drop station. I like to start with this and build around it. Depending on the size of space you have, it could be a small end table, a floating shelf, or a large console. Like I said before, NO SPACE IS TOO SMALL.

Above is an example of that making the most of every available space you have. They created a small drop station by hanging a low profile shelf. This is large enough to put your keys and even stack some mail! Below are some options, if you do have the space for a piece of furniture.


The next element I look for in an entry is some sore of seating: bench, ottoman or chair. This can also be used instead of a console, and if you choose to do so, I would suggest accessorizing with a tray to create that “drop station” effect. Here is some inspiration and products!

I love the design above and how how even thought the furniture items are different materials, they go together so beautifully! Here are some small ottomans that would work alongside or tucked under a console.



After the furniture is in, be sure to add a mirror and a rug! A problem we see so often is not having the right size rug for your space. A tip from SGD is that you should be able to step onto the rug immediately when entering and should not have to leave the rug when when taking your shoes off on the bench or ottoman. Having a “postage stamp” rug in front of you door, creates a traffic jam while entering as guests are trying to remove shoes quickly. We also like to see rugs that aren’t your typical entry rug.



The last items are where you can save! Hooks are an essential whether a mudroom, or a front entrance. You can never have enough baskets in your home and they are a great tool for storing shoes, hats etc. Top off your look with some accessories, like a plant, a tray for keys, a lamp and a framed photo or artwork!

Show us your spaces or contact SARA GODFREY DESIGNS for your home needs!


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